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MGZ magazine website



Product design, UI, UX


Adobe XD



Books, movies, music or tv shows reviews gathered in just one site. A clean and functional design with great deal of content customisation


This project is just a proof of concept for a magazine-like site, The challenge is to gather in just one place books, movies, music and TV shows reviews and provide them an engaging platform.


Deliver an UI/UX where high-quality content meets an appealing look & feel. Hand-made illustrations, a vivid color palette for each article, clear content hierarchy, great readability or an eye-catching interface are some of the project’s corner-stones.

Home page

The latest contents of the four categories (Books, Movies, Video and TV Shows) are displayed in horizontal scrollable sections, where both illustrations and colors stand out

Home animated gif
Categories Books screenshot
Categories Music screenshot
Categories Movies screenshot
Categories TV Shows screenshot


Each of the site’s categories have a template with a specific color where all the related content is displayed. Along with that a block of filters and search will help users find a more accurate content

Articles creativity


One of the corner-stones of the project: a template with basic information about the album, book or movie, along with a review and some related content


One of the most important functionalities in a content-focused website, this feature provides both a seamless flow and a clear interface in order to dive into website’s content

Filters functionality animated GIF


A clean and functional set of filters allows users reaching the desired content more efficiently, reducing frustration and enhancing user experience


Each article’s hero block contains both a creativity and an unique background color, a subtle touch of craft that provides an added value


Bearing in mind that most of the potential users will visit our site from different devices the responsive version of the website has been carefully addressed in order to provide a proper user experience

Website mobile version creativity