Mobile booking engine

Bookassist v10 Mobile



Front End, UI, UX


HTML, Invision, React, Sass, Sketch, Webpack



A full-featured mobile booking experience that combines cutting edge UX design with fast mobile booking engine technology


The continuing rise of mobile for hotel reservations, put a stress on the necessity of improving both the look & feel and the functionality of the former mobile booking engine.


A brand new platform based on ReactJS and Redux was the choice. Better performance, scalability and a component-focused development. Along with that, new booking workflows were designed in order to improve user experience.


Initial analysis of the performance of V10 Mobile shows huge conversion uplift for hotels.

+ 0 %
increase on Average Booking Value (ABV)
+ 0 %
increase on the share of bookings on mobile vs desktop


Due to the complexity of the project, I worked in several workflow documents in order to provide a more accurate solution.

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Option A
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Option B
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Option C

User testing

Several user testing techniques like surveys and interviews have been applied in order to answer better user’s requests.

Entirely new booking platform experience. Amazingly engaging and user-friendly booking workflow

Select your dates

Choose rooms

Configure your room

Edit your cart selection

Book your stay

In a seamless 4-step checkout process