Hi there!
My name is Jon Barral

I’m an UX / Product Designer who also has an extensive experience as Front End developer. Ultimately, I’m passionate about creating digital products (webs, webapps, apps, dashboards…) focused on improving both the experience and the perception of the user.
My first professional steps were related to online journalism: writing and creating audiovisual pieces in different media. However, I eventually turned out to be a passionate digital product designer.
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Work experience

2016 - currently

UX / Front End

2015 - 2016

Front End

2015 - 2011

UX / Front End


2005 - 2007

University of Barcelona

2001 - 2005

University of Deusto


UX mockups & prototyping
UX analysis
HTML / Sass
React / Javascript
Webpack / Gulp / Grunt